Mount Osmond, 2019
6.615kW System

"Complete confidence in and satisfaction with customer service, quality of installation, pre-installation and follow-up communication - overall, outstanding service. Very happy with system and extremely confident in referring friends and neighbours to Goliath Solar and Electrical. Tom Morgan is an excellent energy consultant - knowledgeable, efficient, reliable, patient, skilled communicator, very competent and effective in his role." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Daw Park, 2019
6.615kW System

"Installation went smoothly, and rapidly. Pre-sale there was a good site visit and subsequent layout design (something missing from other quotes). Ben and the installation team were highly professional and easy to deal with." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Eden Hills, 2018
6kW+ System

"Ben from Goliath understood what I wanted out of a PV system from the very beginning and he gave me a very competitive quote. Just over 6 weeks later I have a Fronius inverter on my wall and 6.555kW of panels on my north facing roof. I included the smart meter because I love gadgets, and I really appreciate knowing exactly where my energy is going at all times.

I could not be more happy with every part of the process. Ben was very friendly and knowledgeable, while the installers were also friendly and very efficient. The system is working even better than I had imagined, even today on a showery late autumn day!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Goliath to anyone in Adelaide contemplating a solar system." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Beaumont, 2018
6kW System

"Tom was so helpful and incredibly patient with my questions. I didn’t feel pressured and felt he provided the best service. The installation team was also very friendly and quick. The best part was after the installation I haven’t felt left behind now that it is complete. I have and will continue to recommend them to every one I know." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Bridgewater, 2018
6kW+ System

"We sought three quotes for our 5/6.6 KW solar PV system, one through local word of mouth and two through Finn Peacock's Solarquotes website. One of those just sent us some literature, and Goliath quoted. The "word of mouth" company also quoted and was very helpful, so we ended up with two substantive quotes. We were impressed by our research into the SolarEdge technology (in particular a review by Mark Cavanagh in Brisbane, who has a blog) and the optimiser technology seemed to us to suit a house with the long axis being north/south, surrounded by trees and needing three arrays of panels.

From the outset Goliath's front man Tom Morgan was helpful, made several suggestions about the proposed array and kept in close touch as we developed the proposal.

As to the installation itself, David Stevens (Goliath's owner and the sign-off electrician) made a further suggestion about the array, which we adopted. David and his sidekick (apologies - I can't remember his name but David described him as "the best roof man in the business") couldn't have been more careful and respectful of our property and left no mess when they left. David also ensured that we understood how to work the remote monitoring system via a phone or computer app.

Now, a word about price: in the event Goliath was slightly cheaper than the other substantive quote, but the difference wasn't enough for the decision to have been made on price alone. It's also worth noting that you get what you pay for, so I do wonder at the cut price deals being offered in some adverts.

All in all, dealing with Tom and David has been a hassle free experience with Goliath delivering on time, doing what they said they'd do and keeping in close touch throughout. We thoroughly recommend Goliath." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Burton, 2018
6kW+ System

"Right from Ben's first contact I found Goliath Solar & Electrical and their whole team's approach to be accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and punctual. Once I had reviewed the product they were offering I was completely at ease with the whole process from start to finish. They were familiar with the system of dealing with Power companies and it all went as they predicted and in the time frame they indicated.

I was astounded with the efficiency of the installation on the day. Their install crew was professional and friendly. System was up and running way quicker than I thought possible and to this point has not missed a beat. The online monitoring is working well and there is enough data there to interrogate and choose the best power deal going forward and also to be able to review at a future date and change supplier if need be.

I would recommend Goliath Solar & Electrical to anyone." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Mt Barker, 2018
6kW System

"I have no hesitation in giving Goliath Electrical a 5 star rating. Very professional company with friendly staff and I was kept up to date at every stage. All paperwork was handled quickly and efficiently. The first contact person is Tom who knows his product very well and can answer any queries in a very friendly manner that puts you at ease.

The installation went like clockwork with the crew knowing exactly what needed to be done. The only holdup is the time it takes for the relevant energy company to undertake the necessary meter box work so the system can start working. This is not the fault of Goliath Solar & Electrical as this work was requested at the very start of the whole process.

Thank you Tom and the team at Goliath Solar & Electrical - job extremely well done!!" - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Thebarton, 2018
6kW System

"Tom and his team were excellent in terms of their professionalism and efficiency. They had the system installed and operational in less than a day, which I have to say stunned me." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Flagstaff Hill, 2018
5kW System

"I was referred to the team at Goliath Solar by a family member who had a 5kw system installed just under a year ago. I sent an enquiry via their website after doing some research and received an almost instant call back from Tom Morgan, Head of Solar and Storage Division. Tom took the time to explain everything I needed to know about the system including warranty details, panel and inverter types and the procedures surrounding the installation and approval of solar panels. I locked in my panels that day!

Tom took care of all the appropriate paperwork, completing and forwarding it to my provider on my behalf. It was a completely stress-free experience.

After receiving confirmation of my meter change from my provider I contacted Tom and provided the date (7 days ahead). Tom was completely obliging in having the team out on the same day to install the system at the same time. Turns out there was another opening and the system was installed a day early.

On install day, the team arrived right on time at 7:30am as booked and were very polite and friendly. Thaelen and his crew worked tirelessly all day, cleaning up after themselves as they went, working to the highest standards. Thaelen even went to the extra effort to run conduit down the internals of my Hebel exterior wall for aesthetic purposes (and also keeps the missus happy) as opposed to running on the exterior wall. It may have taken an extra 45 minutes work to feed it down and fish it out of the wall but customer service like this exemplified the Goliath experience, going above and beyond to make my investment operate and appear faultless.

I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Goliath. Their customer service is exemplary, their workmanship was second to none and above all, their price was fantastic. Highly recommend these guys as the best installers in SA!" - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Newton, 2018
6kW System

"I was referred to Goliath Solar & Electrical by a family member and from the first conversation with Tom, was convinced that these guys knew what they were doing. Not being all that knowledgeable about Solar (I knew nothing), Tom answered all my questions and gave me great clarity about what I was getting into.

Tom provided me with a firm quote within an hour of our first phone call and I had the system installed in less than a month from the quote - now just waiting on my retailer to swap out the meter.

The installers turned up right on time, and represented the company impeccably. They were prompt, unobtrusive, efficient and personable - they even cleaned out the gutter which I hadn't touched in 8 years!

Perfect service and a great product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Nailsworth, 2018
1kW System

"Goliath Solar & Electrical did everything right. Ben provided detailed information about the solar system, facilitated the changeover with the electricity supplier, kept me informed, made a pre installation visit to check the layout, and took care of all the hassles. The installation of the system went exactly to plan.

Extremely happy with the great service received from the entire Goliath Solar & Electrical team." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Seacliff, 2018
6kW+ System

"What a professional outfit Goliath Electrical are, from the first time I spoke to Tom (sales) I knew that he really knew his stuff in the solar industry. I have been an electrical engineer in the buildings industry for 15 years whereby part of my role is to specify solar systems for government projects as well as inspect electrical installations for compliance, quality and workmanship, therefore I threw some pretty hard hitting questions at Tom and he answered them all with clear precise answers.

When Sam and his team arrived to do the installation, he ran through everything before starting (again I grilled them with questions!). The boys installed everything perfectly and neatly. They even cleaned up after themselves. I was also surprised about the quality of electrical accessories being used for the install, they used all products that I see daily on large scale commercial projects. I simply cannot fault these guys." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Bridgewater, 2017
6kW System

"All the guys at Goliath are great, Tom is knowledgeable, thorough and quick to respond to any questions. Dave and his team were punctual, courteous and did a great neat install.

Would highly recommend Goliath Electrical, they take pride in their work and offer a good price and they are proudly South Australian!" - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes



Edwardstown, 2017
6kW+ System

"Service was prompt and painless from start to finish the guys at Goliath Solar & Electrical made it as easy as possible for us. They found us the best deal, everything was explained to us in easy to understand terms, installation was hassle free and the team were friendly and easy going." - 5 Stars on Solar Quotes


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