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We pride ourselves on providing best practice in our end to end service. Here's what to expect from us during the solar install process and beyond.

Step 1.

You will receive an email from one of our friendly solar consultants with a useful solar information pack. Feel free to reply with any info that could help us tailor a solution for you such as electricity bill.  

Step 2.

One of our friendly solar consultants will be in contact with a phone call within 24 hours to educate you on solar and put together a solar proposal specifically designed for your individually situation.

Step 3.

If you accept our proposal your solar consultant will complete a site inspection which involves showing you the monitoring for your desired system and running through what to expect. Most importantly our solar consultants will get up onto your roof and measure it out before designing the final optimum panel layout with yourself.

Step 4.

We’ll lodge all approvals with SA Power Networks and your electricity retailer will likely require to change your meter to a solar ready meter which can take 3-6 weeks, we lodge this request on your behalf and currently your electricity retailer is doing this free of charge

Step 5.

One of our friendly install teams, all full time employees of Goliath Solar & Electrical and fully trained by owner / electrician David Stevens, will visit your property and install your new solar panels to your roof, including hooking up your inverter to the power supply. Installation is timed to be done around the same time as your electricty meter is changed. The install will take just the one day and we ensure our teams have enough members to take their time and not rush your job.

Step 6.

Sit back and enjoy the financial and eco benefits of using affordable, super efficient and extremely reliable solar panel generated power in your home or business!

Step 7.

If you experience any issues, we are always here to help with support for repairs under warranty or servicing of your solar system. Don't hesitate to give us a call!