Top Energy Retailers Comparison Guide


Installing a solar system for your home or business is good for the planet and your hip pocket. Win win, right? The truth is it can be easier said than done to find the best deal, with energy retailers constantly adjusting their feed in tariffs and discounts to compete with one another for your business.

To simplify the selection process we've put together an up to date cheat sheet and some tips which should help you save time and money when shopping around for the best value energy retailer in SA.

Choosing An Energy Retailer

We highly recommend using the tools below to input your energy generation, energy consumption, payment preferences, household size and location to generate a comparative list of offers to consider.

We also suggest doing a regular health check on your energy retailer once you have your solar system installed as you may be eligible for further savings once you have a power bill handy to input further details.

What to Look For

The key areas you're looking at comparing with your energy retailer are:

Reference Price

Recently the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommended the introduction of a ‘Reference Price’ for the energy industry, in response to public demand for simplified energy pricing. Essentially this means there is now a maximum price cap (or Reference Price) for each state that energy retailers must adhere to, and clearly display how their energy plans compare to it on your offer. In theory this should make it easier for you to compare offers from different retailers.

Learn more about the Reference Price.

Feed In Tariffs

This is the payment rate per kWh which most retailers offer for you to sell them excess energy that your solar system generates and feeds back into the grid. The higher the feed in tariff, the more you earn and in return, save on your bill. Simple.

Most retailers offer a variety of discounts, mainly for paying on time or having your gas and electricity with the same company. If you're unsure whether they offer a discount, it never hurts to ask!

Whilst we do recommend shopping around, we value loyalty and so do most reputable energy retailers. We suggest that should you find a ridiculously great offer from another provider, see if your current retailer will match it in return for your loyalty.

Top Offers Cheat Sheet / Updated July 2019


Simply Energy

  • Confirm a 15c feed in tariff (possibly going to 10c on 1/8/19).

  • A 25% discount for RAA members making 39.78c per kWh



AGL Essential Plus

  •  Confirming a 14.2c feed in tariff.

  • Pay no more than 36.3c per kWh gst inc.

  •  Off peak hot water pay no more than 17.16c per kWh gst inc.

  •  Supply charge 91c per day.

  •  $25 gift card every 6 months you stay loyal.

AGL Solar Savers

  • 18c solar feed in tarrif

  • Charged a little more at 40.38c per kWh gst inc.

  •  Supply charge 89.1c per day.

When working out best plan AGL Solar Savers plan is always better if you export more kWh into the grid than you currently import from the grid.



Origin Solar Boost

  • A market leading 18c feed in tariff.

  • A 9% discount for electricity making it 36.62c/kWh first 11kWh per day and 39.08 c/kWh remainder.

  • A 10% discount for gas.

  • 82.61c supply charge daily.

Origin Maximiser

  • A 10c feed in tariff.

  • A 15% discount for electricity making it 34.12 c/kWh first 11kW per day and 36.51 c/kWh remainder.

  • A 10% discount for gas.

  • 77.19c supply charge daily.

    When working out best plan Origin Solar Boost is always better if you export more kWh into the grid than you currently import from the grid.



Power Direct 

  • Confirming a 14.2c feed in tariff.

  • A 12% pay on time discount making it 35.5c per kWh gst inclusive.

  • Note: They don’t offer gas! 


Energy Australia 

  • Confirming a 15c feed in tariff.

  • 38.5c per kWh gst inclusive.

  • 77.19c supply charge daily.



  • A 16c feed in tariff.

  • After discount low rate of 35.39c per kWh.

  • 101.20c  supply charge daily.

Once you've done your homework, accepted our quote and chosen your energy retailer, you're once step closer to installing your solar system! Talk to an expert today to learn more.

To learn details specific to your property, please contact us.

Disclaimer : This is an independent comparison guide only, to be referred to in the spirit of word of mouth advice. Goliath Solar & Electrical are not responsible for supplying energy retailer pricing quotes and do not receive any sponsorship from energy retailers for mentioning their current offers. For official offers, please contact your preferred energy retailer.



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