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Why Choose a CEC Approved Solar Retailer and Installer?

In this blog post I'll run through answers to your questions about our Clean Energy Council qualifications and explain why Goliath Solar chose to become a CEC Approved Retailer, in an industry where reliable and ethical solar installers can be hard to identify.

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Our Guide To The Home Battery Scheme

It’s a hot topic as hot as the record weather in South Australia right now! Everyone who is thinking about solar installation and solar energy in SA wants to know if the Home Battery Scheme is right for them. Here is our guide to the scheme that covers the important questions and a few facts you need to be aware of.

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Case Study : 6.6kW Residential Solar System

We get asked a lot of questions daily, like : How much is a battery? Will my panels work at night? How much will I save with solar? and Why do the electricity retailers pay us nothing for what we export into the grid? Now although some solar cowboys have been known to spin a yarn about panels working off moon light, we're sorry to say it’s not the case!  

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