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How to Background Check Your Solar Installer

Back in 2012 - the early days of Goliath - I remember clients questioning us at virtually every job we quoted for, wanting reassurance that we would be around for the long haul, should they have a faulty solar system and warranty claim! Their concerns resonated with us, since a key reason for starting the business was to offer a reliable alternative to all the dishonest solar sales companies out there, who were just in it to make a quick buck.

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Who Is The Best Value Energy Retailer In SA?

I get asked on the daily Who’s the best electricity retailer to be with? and Who's got the best feed in tariff in SA? The answers to these questions will of course enable you to get the best solar power savings for the new and existing solar systems we install throughout South Australia.

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Case Study : 6.6kW Residential Solar System

We get asked a lot of questions daily, like : How much is a battery? Will my panels work at night? How much will I save with solar? and Why do the electricity retailers pay us nothing for what we export into the grid? Now although some solar cowboys have been known to spin a yarn about panels working off moon light, we're sorry to say it’s not the case!  

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