Power Bill Shock


Well after such strong success from the last solar blog I have been waiting for the next topic worthy enough. A question I get asked weekly is who is the best electricity retailer to be with and who charges the least. The honest answer is I have seen some customers with the cheapest prices and others with the same provider having the most expensive. Basically it comes down to what deal you can negotiate with them. My advice has always been to try and get a better deal with your current provider as I believe in loyalty and not chopping and changing.

Now some big news came out late June from AGL announcing a 16.3c feed in tariff here in SA for solar up from 6.8c from July 1st. This is like having a second Christmas in July and sensational news for those with solar panels.  Long story short this is around an extra $600 savings a year on a 6.6kW solar system. Since this announcement solar has yet again gone gang busters just when we thought we could get a break for winter! You could go caravanning around Australia for a year, turn everything off in the home except the solar system and with a 6.6kW system you would save over $1,200! based on 15c feed in.

Now following AGL announcement all others followed suit with Energy Australia offering 15c and Origin offering up too 18c for a one year plan! Many others have also come out recently with 15c+ feed in which seems to be the norm. Now being the bright spark I am and excel spread sheet enthusiast, I have spent some time preparing a comparison between AGL, Origin and Energy Australia advertised electricity rates.  I won’t bore you with the details but the results are in and based on a 6.6kW solar system being installed for a family spending average $1,000 a bill prior to solar and medium electric heating and cooling users.  The average savings can range from $1,500 – $1,750. Now just who is the best you’ll ask, the results are in and the best electricity retailer to be with based on my findings is…………..


Now the main reason for this is Origin offer a 18c feed in tariff if locked in for 1 year with electricity being charged by them @ 34.2c per kWh after discount which isn’t too bad. They also offer a 11c feed in with 20% discount so speak to them about what is best in your situation. Now I’m not on the payroll with Origin however will happily accept any cash or merchandise. Now funnily enough the lowest solar savings was from AGL coming in $250 worse off than Origin. This is very interesting considering they were the first to come out with the higher feed in announcement and have 50% market share in SA. I’m also with AGL but made sure I got a better deal than advertised which I’m happy with.

Now I wouldn’t suggest all changing to Origin but suggest speaking with your current provider about what they can offer as I haven’t taken into account discount for having gas also with the same provider. Don’t be afraid to mention Origin’s advertised solar boost plan and see what your electricity provider can do to get a better deal and close the price gap between Origin.

With summer approaching and solar never so affordable, speak to us now to get your system installed!