About Us

Goliath Solar & Electrical was established in 2012 by business owner David Stevens. David established Goliath Solar & Electrical after spending years contracting himself out to bigger solar companies only to watch them do the wrong thing by their clients and contractors and closing up when things got quiet.

David wanted to change the perception that the solar industry was run by entrepreneurs out to make a quick buck. He had a view that solar should be sold and installed by electrical companies only, to ensure quality and importantly that the company is still around for warranty purposes.

He knew if he did the right thing through his quality workmanship and excellent customer service, he could build a strong name in the industry for which he is in for the long haul.

Goliath Solar & Electrical has installed well over 2,000 solar systems which equates to over 50,000 solar panels on South Australian residential and business roofs.

Whilst we are electricians, Goliath Solar & Electrical just specialise in solar. What sets us apart and has ensured our long terms success, is when the solar industry has quietened down we have reverted to electrical work, while others solar companies have shut up shop leaving clients in the lurch with warranty issues.

So here we are now 6 and a half years down the track and one of the highest ranked solar companies in Australia with over 200 reviews on Australia’s most trusted solar reviews website  https://www.solarquotes.com.au/installer-review/goliath-electrical/ . Not bad for a small Adelaide solar and electrical company that had worked out of a home office until recently opening up a shopfront in Edwardstown.

We have been through the boom and bust that is the solar industry, however remain stronger and bigger than ever with over ten local staff who all share David’s vision.

Goliath only users its very own employees as installers and does not use subcontractors! All installers are long term in-house trained employees who completed their electrical apprenticeship working alongside David learning the Goliath Solar & Electrical way.  This is also the same for our current electrical apprentices and something we take great pride in.

Our sales staff like to look at the quoting process as an educational one in solar and renewable energies. We take great pride in delivering the facts, honest figures and let you the customer make the best decision for you. No pushy sales tactics, no calling the boss to see if we can get a better price.

The sales team share 6 years of key learning experiences from working within the solar industry. We custom design each and every residential and business solar system based on our clients’ goals, wants, needs and budgets.  One other point we feel that separates us, is that our sales team is hands on and will get on every roof and measure personally prior to any job so no surprises on the installation!

Goliath Solar & Electrical is committed to providing its best price every time. For a free, no obligation quote please call 7073 3834 or use our simple contact form. We look forward to having the opportunity to quote on your next solar job!